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The IHC is an Internet Hotline for the public in Japan and started the operation on June 1st 2006. The IHC is a full member of INHOPE which is an international network of the Internet Hotlines.

We receive reports anonymously from the public, and provide illegal and harmful information to the National Police Agency. Also we request deletion of illegal and harmful information from website administrators and/or ISPs.

IHC does not do the act of asking for money from the public, and it also does not do the act of receiving money from the public.
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 Mar. 17, 2014 Action status The action status of reports received by Feb.15, 2014 is now available.
 Feb. 19, 2014 Statistical data November 2013 statistics is now available.  
 Nov. 19, 2013 Statistical data 2013 first-half year statistics is now available.
 Nov.   8, 2013 New Release Report App New Release For Android . 
 May  14, 2013 Statistical data Statistics for the year 2012 is now available.
 May    2, 2013 Statistical data Statistics data of December 2012 is now available.